"Sustainable Local Agriculture/Locally Grown"

Current Issue References:

• Sustainable Agriculture-Definitions and Terms; http://www.nal.usda.gov/afsic/pubs/terms/srb9902.shtml  

• Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food-Tools and Resources; http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome?navid=KYF_RESOURCES

• Linking Land Quality, Agricultural Productivity, and Food Security; http://www.ers.usda.gov/publications/aer-agricultural-economic-report/aer823.aspx

• Applying the Principles of Sustainable Farming (pdf)

• Sustainable Agriculture-An Introduction (pdf)

• Indicators of Sustainable Agriculture (pdf)

• A Brief History of Sustainable Agriculture (pdf)

• Biology of Soil Compaction (pdf)

• Building Soils for Better Crops (pdf)

• Understanding Soil Microbes and Nutrient Recycling (pdf)

• Soil Borne (pdf)

• Conservation Tillage (pdf)

• Crop Rotations on Organic Farms (pdf)

• Sustainable Crop Rotation (pdf) 

• Steel in the Field (pdf)

• Sustainable Pastures (pdf)

• Using Cover Crops to Improve Soil and Water (pdf)

• Irrigation Water (pdf)

• Managing Cover Crops Profitably (pdf)

• Seed Varity (pdf)

• Agroforestry-Sustaining Native Bee Habitat for Crop Production (pdf)

• Managing Alternative Pollinators (pdf)

• A Whole Farm Approach to Managing Pests (pdf)

• Biointensive IPM (pdf)

• Organic IPM (pdf)

• Manage Insects on Your Farm (pdf)

• Organic Nutrients (pdf)

• Organic Production Systems (pdf)

• Organic Soils (pdf)

• Organic Crop (pdf)

• NOP Crop Guide (pdf)

• Organic Pricing (pdf)

• Comparing Energy Use (pdf)

• Conserving Fuel on the Farm (pdf)

• A Primer on Community Food Systems (pdf)

• Local Foods to Local Institutions (pdf)

• Planning for Profit (pdf)

• The What and Why of Local Foods (pdf)

• CSA (pdf)

• New Markets (pdf)

• Social Media (pdf)

• Tips for Selling Produce (pdf)

• Adding Value to Farm Products (pdf) 

Information will be added as received from North American & the NYS Envirothon.

Current Issue References
2014 New York State Envirothon 
May 21 & 22, 2014
Morrisville State College
Morrisville, NY 
New York State Envirothon

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