I.Tree Physiology and Tree and Shrub Identification

Know Your Trees , What Tree is it, Silvics Manual 1Silvics Manual 2,
Tree DecayStem & Root AnatomyTree Biology 1Tree Biology 2,
Physiology of Trees

II.Forest Ecology

Forest RegenerationForest EcologyForest SuccessionAsian Long Horned Beetle,
Early Successional Forest EcosystemNortheastern Forest Regeneration Handbook,
Asian Longhorn Beetle or Whitespotted Sawyer, Forest Tent Caterpillar, 
Dutch Elm DiseaseBeach Bark Disease, Emeral Ash BorerSpruce Beetle,
Sudden Oak DeathScleroderris Canker of Northern Conifers
Invasive Plants Field Guide
Ecology of Dead Wood

III.Sustainable Forest Management

Harvesting & Forest ManagementSilvicultural SystemsTree Scale Stic,
How Much Lumber in That TreeManaging Forest for Wildlife & Compatible Uses
for Wildlife

IV.Uses of Trees and Woods

Community ForestyCommunity Forests Report, Values of Community Forests,
Management Planning

Additional Resources:

Certification Matrix, Comparison Forest Certification Schemes, Understanding Forest Certification

Insect & Disease
Armillaria, Asian Longhorn Beetle, Awanted-Asian Longhorned Beetle of Beech Bank DiseaseIdentify & Manage Dutch Elm Disease 

Global Forestry
Migrating Borel Forest

Forest Management
Management Plan First Step in ForestMeasuring the Volume with Scale Stick Standing TreeOhio State Fact SheetSelective CuttingSilvics, Tree Planting & Site 

Biltmore Sticks 1234, 56Measuring VolumeWhen a Ruler Teacher

Tree Biology
Arbor Day Tree AnatomyArbor Day Tree RingsTree Ring Dating

Urban Forestry
Tree Care Info BenefitsTree care Info Selection

Web links: 

Silvics of North America

Northeastern Area Publications

Forestry Glossary

Forestry References
2014 New York State Envirothon 
May 21 & 22, 2014
Morrisville State College
Morrisville, NY 
New York State Envirothon

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