Oral Presentation Rules

The oral presentation component will be totaled into the team’s final score just like the five other components (soil and land use, aquatics ecology, forestry, wildlife, and environmental issues). It will be 1/6 of the final score. The problem solving oral presentation will be conducted as follows:
• The oral presentation will be distributed to all Soil and Water Conservation Districts on the website at the beginning of February. This will give teams sufficient time to prepare.
• Students should plan on arriving and registering as a team in the staging area at least one hour before their assigned presentation time. Presentations will take place in Stern Hall.
• A time schedule will be available online as the competition gets closer and the team must show up for their allotted time and be prepared to present.
• Each team will have ten minutes for their presentation before the Envirothon Judges and then the Judges will have five minutes to ask the students questions. Presentations must be at least seven minutes but no longer than ten minutes.
• Team members are required to wear their 2014 NYS Envirothon issued T-shirts. No clothing identifying school or county origin will be allowed.
• The oral presentation will take place during the first day of the NYS 2014 Envirothon Competition-TBA. They will start at 1:00 pm.
• Teams will be escorted to the staging area in TBA 15 minutes prior to their presentation time. 
• A panel of five judges will score the presentation. There will be seven sets of judges because of the numbers and the time frame.
• Teams should include both pros and cons in their presentation.
• All five members must participate. Each must have a speaking part. The alternate will not be allowed to participate.
• Students will be allowed to prepare visual aids. Only materials contained in the visual aids packet that teams receive after their local competition can be used. Students may use both sides poster board, construction paper, and index cards.

These are:

2 sheets of white poster board (22”x 28”)
1 small box of markers (8 colors)
1 package assorted (10 colors) of construction paper (9”x12”) 
1 bottle of glue (about 3 oz.)
2 pencils #2
4x6 index cards
1 roll of Scotch tape

(Your local Soil and Water Conservation District will provide these materials to you for your State Envirothon presentation.)

• Students may be as creative as they want but must not use any materials not listed. Visual aids will be inspected prior to the presentations. Use of anything not on the list (staples, ball-point pen, etc) will disqualify the visual aids and teams will not be allowed to use them.
• Each member of the group is allowed to use one prepared note card (4”x6”only) to aid them in their presentation. Note cards are not to be used as visual aids.
• Students should work with fellow team members to prepare for the problem solving.
• Teams may organize team members in any way, but are reminded all team members must participate. Costumes or “dressing the part” are not allowed. Only listed materials may be used.
• There is to be no direct contact with the judges during the presentation. No brochures, handouts, pamphlets, etc. will be allowed to be distributed.
• There should be only the timekeeper, judges, room monitor, and presenting team in the room. The team members and only the team members can decide if anyone else will be allowed into the room during their presentation. 

Note: Please arrive one hour before your scheduled presentation time.

Oral Presentation Rules
2014 New York State Envirothon 
May 21 & 22, 2014
Morrisville State College
Morrisville, NY 
New York State Envirothon

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