I. Soil: What is it? 

A. Definition
B. Development 
1) parent material
2) processes of development 
3) land forms

II. Characteristics 

A. Composition
B. Texture
C. Structure
D. Slope
E. Color
F. Chemistry
G. Horizons/Profile
H. Permeability/Percolation
I. Soil Water and Drainage 

III. Soil Surveys (Know how to use this information) 

A. Soil Series
1) what are they
2) how to use them 
B. Map Symbols
C. Slope Classes

IV. Soil Interpretations (Know how to use this information) 

A. Agriculture
B. Forestry
C. Development
D. USDA Land Use Classification 
1) prime soils 

V. Erosion & Sedimentation 

A. Definitions
B. Types of erosion
C. Economic impacts
D. Prevention 
1) principles
2) agricultural conservation practices
3) nonagricultural conservation practices 

VI. Hydric Soils 

A. Definition
B. Characteristics
C. Uses/Limitations
D. Economic Value

Soils/Land Use Outline
Soils/Land Use Resources
Sample Questions

Test your knowledge of soils and land use
Learning Objectives

Learning goals for participating students

Basic outline for soils topics covered at this event 

Links and references to more information on the study of soils
2014 New York State Envirothon 
May 21 & 22, 2014
Morrisville State College
Morrisville, NY 
New York State Envirothon